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Ilić-Gojačanin Law Office

Ilić-Gojačanin Law Office is a full-service Serbian law firm based in Belgrade. The firm’s partners have years of experience in providing business legal advice to local and international corporate clients engaged in economic and investment activities both in Serbia and abroad.
The firm has four attorneys, three interns, and one expert consultant, all of whom make up a skilled and professional team. Our team members are all professionals who have thorough knowledge of the law, broad experience in the legal practice, and highly professional skills that enable them to deliver comprehensive and creative solutions based on a tailored approach to every client‘s project and goals. We believe and do our best in creating trusting, meaningful, lifelong relations with every client.
The firm caters to Serbian, Austrian, and multinational companies in various industries including telecommunications, heavy industry, automotive, leasing and financial institutions, development, construction, and real estate, retail, insolvency, sports, and many more.
Our team members are recognized leaders in their areas of practice and recommended by Serbian law directories and clients.
Broad Experience in the Legal Practice
Trusting and Lifelong Relations with every Client
Practical Problem-Solving Approach

Our competence is based on thorough problem analysis, comprehensive approach to projects, diverse longstanding experience, flexible operative response to changing situations, experts and specialists who contribute and add to our project teams.

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Ilić-Gojačanin Law Office is a full-service law firm.
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